Q. Why can't I play the files I have downloaded from here ? / There are no subtitles in the video ? A. Windows: Download K Lite codec pack Linux/BSD: Download Mplayer Mac OS: Download MplayerOSX Extended

Q. The Video is just buffering ? A. Reload the page in your browser, this will solve 99% of problems. For Other 1% , clear your browser cache/history – then reload the page.

Q. Why is my comment deleted? A. It is either: -You've posted a useless comment, -Spam/Flooding, -you posted an external link to other streaming sites

Q. When will episode xxx be released? A. We do not sub these shows therefore we cannot guarantee when it'll be posted. Usually, subtitled versions are released 24-48 hours after it's aired on Japan.

Q. How can I watch anime? A. You can watch anime by going to the Anime List page and selecting the anime title you want to watch. After the Anime page loads, scroll down and you'll see a list of episodes.

Q. Episode number XXX doesn't work! A. Every episode on our anime database contains multiple video mirrors to choose from located below the video player. If a video is not working, try selecting from one of those mirrors. If there's nothing on the mirror list, its because the AnimeGrab Search Engine cannot find any video mirrors on the internet.

Q. I wanna contribute. How do I help? A. Share the word about AnimeGrab. Invite your friends to AnimeGrab and watch their favorite anime series here. You can also help by providing useful comments and accurate rating on video mirrors to help other users.